Tour of The Lane

# 1 Par 4

Men’s HDCP: 11
Championship: 325 Yards
Regulation: 305 Yards
Forward: 290 Yards
The first hole is a classic high risk high reward tee shot. You will need a long and accurate drive to reach the green as there is trouble on the left and right sides of the fairway. Do not go long or you will be faced with a treacherous chip shot.

# 2 Par 3

Men’s HDCP: 9
Championship: 196 Yards
Regulation: 186 Yards
Forward: 100 Yards
The 2nd hole is a straight forward par 3 with an elevated green. The tee shot requires an accurate shot to avoid lengthy chip shots from the rough. The best miss is to be short because long will put your ball in the woods.

#3 Par 4

Men’s HDCP: 15
Championship: 320 Yards
Regulation: 307 Yards
Forward: 292 Yards
#3 is a classic dog leg left layout that tempts you to hit driver to drive the green. The green is tucked to the left with the fairway sloping towards it creating a funnel to the hole if a drive is placed perfectly. Woods on the left and trouble on the right means your drive must be perfectly left center.

#4 Par 3

Men’s HDCP: 3
Championship: 228 Yards
Regulation: 218 Yards
Forward: 208 Yards
#4 is a very demanding tee shot into a downhill green. This requires precision accuracy to get on the green as there is heavy woods left and long right as well. Hitting the ball right will make it very difficult to make a bogey. The hole plays about 10 yards shorter than the distance with the downhill sloping fairway that agressively runs into the green.

#5 Par 3

Men’s HDCP: 1
Championship: 200 Yards
Regulation: 184 Yards
Forward: 175 Yards
#5 is often referred to as one of the most difficult Par 3’s in Philadelphia. The tee shot is an awkward dogleg left that forces the players to hit a straight shot or play a draw into a very elevated green. A miss left or right is deadly and often ends up in double bogey.

#6 Par 3

Men’s HDCP: 17
Championship: 177 Yards
Regulation: 157 Yards
Forward: 145 Yards
#6 is a perhaps the most wide open and forgiving tee shot on the course. The green is elevated but offers a lot of forgiveness as the surface of the green is perhaps the biggest on the course. A miss left or right is fine but still requires a good chip shot from the rough.

#7 Par 4

Men’s HDCP: 5
Championship: 370 Yards
Regulation: 357 Yards
Forward: 343 Yards
#7 is one of the signature holes of the Lane. With brand new cart paths, the hole is very asetheically pleasing. The hole is another sweeping dog leg left. A good drive will catch the slope and roll to inside 100 yards away. The aim here is the left edge of the cart barn. There is trouble left and right so accuracy is key.

#8 Par 3

Men’s HDCP: 13
Championship:153 Yards
Regulation: 143 Yards
Forward: 133 Yards
#8 is a straight Par 3 into a slightly elevated green. The overhanging tree gives off the illusion that it will hit the ball but the tee shot won’t come close. The trees do create a tight shot so the tee shot must be accurate to avoid trouble. The aim here is to get the ball right or right center to keep away from the bunkers and the woods on the left.

#9 Par 4

Men’s Handicap: 7
Championship: 336 Yards
Regulation: 316 Yards
Forward: 306 Yards
#9 is another high risk high reward tee shot that with a perfect drive can be inside 100 yards. This requires a tee shot right center which will feed back to the center. The smart play is to lay up to avoid the deep woods on the left and tree trouble on the right.

#10 Par 4

Men’s Handicap: 4
Championship: 341 Yards
Regulation: 331 Yards
Forward: 320 Yard
#10 demands a very accurate tee shot with trouble on both the left and right side of the fairways. With another hard dog leg left, it’s very easy to hit the ball too straight and end up in the woods on the right. Driving the green is extremely difficult that will demand a perfect draw with a ton of power. The play is to lay up with a fairway wood or hybrid with your aim at the left center of fairway.

#11 Par 3

Men’s Handicap: 12
Championship: 140 Yards
Regulation: 134 Yards
Forward: 130 Yards
#11 is a beautiful hole and one of the signature ones of the Lane. It has a deceiving elevated shot into the green that requires a club more than the distance. The goal is to not be short of the green as the ball will hug the hill in thick rough and ask for a really difficult chip into the green. Also avoid being left of the green as it will fall off the hill.

#12 Par 4

Men’s Handicap: 2
Championship: 337 Yards
Regulation: 317 Yards
Forward: 287 Yards
#12 offers one of the most difficult tee shots on the course. An elevated fairway that goes over a creek and continues to another dog leg left, it demands a perfect tee shot in order to score a par. The drive must be left center in order to have a perfect angle. A drive too straight may end up in the trees on the right.

#13 Par 3

Men’s Handicap: 16
Championship: 135 Yards
Regulation: 125 Yards
Forward: 120 Yards
Despite being the 3rd easiest hole on the course, #13 has a very small and elevated green. The tee shot must be precise as there is a drop off left and deep woods if hit too far. Once safely on the green, birdie is very much in play. Always play the distance on this hole as going long is out of bounds and short will be a difficult bunker shot.

#14 Par 3

Men’s Handicap: 14
Championship: 162 Yards
Regulation: 152 Yards
Forward: 145 Yards
#14 is an open tee shot into a rather large green. A smooth 160 shot is perfect into this green. The only trouble here is going left which creates a very difficult pitch. Even a tee shot long can still be recovered.

#15 Par 4

Men’s Handicap: 8
Championship: 340 Yards
Regulation: 326 Yards
Forward: 316 Yards
#15 is a beautiful hole with a downhill strong dog leg right into an elevated green. A perfect drive with a cut can cut the corner and land within 100 yards of the green but this requires precision accuracy. The smart play is to hit it right center 200-250 yards to have a perfect angle into the green. Woods on the left and right but the fairway is rather wide and even the rough is manageable.

#16 Par 3

Men’s Handicap: 18
Championship: 152 Yards
Regulation: 142 Yards
Forward: 132 Yards
#16 is a downhill short Par 3 that offers the player a chance at pin seeking. The only trouble is way left but the hole offers a lot of forgiveness. The green rolls true and will provide a great birdie opportunity. The most getable hole on the course.

#17 Par 3

Men’s Handicap: 10
Championship: 237 Yards
Regulation: 227 Yards
Forward: 217 Yards
#17 is one of the most challenging tee shots at the Lane. It’s an extreme downhill Par 3 that demands a straight shot to get on the green. The hole generally plays 10-15 yards shorter than the distance as the ball will fly and roll down the slope onto the green. Short of the hole is not a bad spot to be. A par here is a great score.

#18 Par 4

Men’s Handicap: 6
Championship: 360 Yards
Regulation: 344 Yards
Forward: 334 Yards
#18 is a beautiful finishing hole with a tee shot into a wide elevated fairway. The aim is left center of the fairway with woods on both the left and right. The right side of fairway will be difficult to get the ball on the green as the trees will force you to hit a cut. With a very elevated fairway, it is important you do not hit into the players in front of you. It may be a good idea to take a ride up to top to make sure the fairway is cleared.